Poetry in Motion
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Poetry in Motion


Poetry in Motion is a simple song written in response to a request from the faculty and music teacher, Beth Smalling, at Wellington Elementary School. The piece was tailored to meet the Florida Sunshine State curriculum and to encourage the reading and writing of poetry in elementary age students.

When asked to write Poetry in Motion, the teachers and administrators at that school suggested I get some feedback from the children on their thoughts and feelings about poetry. I asked the teachers to have the older students write short essays on the subject while the younger students discussed and responded to various forms of poetry. From the children’s materials and ideas, the teachers highlighted key words and phrases coined by the students. From these snippets of text, I compiled the lyrics for the piece.

The piano part is reminiscent of a Bach prelude, yet the syncopation in the melody gives the piece a contemporary feel. Adding any combination of the optional instrumental parts can provide additional color and interest when performing this piece.


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