27 Dec 2015


27 Dec 2015

Lori Hope Baumel is a composer, audio engineer and cultural arts columnist. She received her Bachelor of Music in Composition and Theory from the University of Miami, where she double majored in music education. Ms. Baumel was the composition student of Dr. Alfred Reed and studied piano with Dr. Max Leper. Her career began as a producer of music for multimedia. In addition, she has been the voice-over talent for hundreds of commercials, multimedia presentations and educational products.


As the creative director of Traks, Inc and Coconuts Recording Studios in Miami, she wrote music for television, film and radio. Her credits include the score for the Emmy award winning TV show Kid’s Beat (WPLG-Miami). Her soundtracks received quite a few Addy’s and a Clio. ASCAP granted her the ASCAPLUS award six years in a row. She has written education materials for various music labels (i.e. Silver Burdett) and has contributed to several stock music libraries.


Upon moving to NYC, Lori put her time in as an audio engineer for the ABC National Radio network and conducted/composed for the Steven Wise Free Synagogue Choir. One of her more enjoyable projects: the score for the play Kiki of Montparnasse was based on the relationship of the artist Man Ray and his muse. Two of her works, Bells Of Freedom and Candle Blessings, were featured in Spotlight on Young Musicians at the Kravis Center in Palm Beach County, FL. In 2007, she was commissioned to write The Constitution for the same venue. Her publications have been performed all over the world and her solo piece 60 Second Audition (available in 12 keys on musicnotes.com) continues to help young vocalists audition for the art school of their choice.


Lori transitioned seamlessly into the digital world as one of the first engineers to supply music teachers downloadable soundtracks via a cloud system. She continues to write music beds for podcasts, YouTube, Instagram Stories, and has gone “on the road” as a field recorder for NPR. Her experience in the recording industry has made her a sought after coach to young musicians that want to work professionally in a studio environment.


Lori and her husband have raised three grown highly creative children. She considers them her greatest productions as they also contribute artistically to society.


Currently, Lori Hope Baumel is the President of Glassblock Music Publishing Company. Depending on the season, you can find her at a WeWork in SOHO, in front of a DAW in DC or in her awesome pro studio in Wellington, FL where she continues to design sound and compose for commercial and educational projects. For fun, she dabbles in photography, video production, and creating cool graphics with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. For personal enjoyment, she plays jazz piano and designs her own jewelry.



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