25 Jul 2011

iPhone artistry info: Part 2

25 Jul 2011

Dan Burkholder has a book coming out soon on his iPhone photography techniques. In addition to his iPhone fame, he specializes in platinum over gold leaf and pigment over platinum photography.

Listed below are a few of my favorite photography apps. Total cost thus far: just under $50 (a few of them are free). Each app has a website that provides instructions and Dan’s site offers some video tutorials. Here’s the list:

Touch Retouch, Autostitch, Filterstorm, Ezimba, Iris Photo Suite, Layers, Photosize (the one by Danny Goodman), Juxtaposer (really fun), CropForFree, Crop’nFrame, Color Effects, PhotoStudio (logo is a lens in the middle of colorful flower-like petals), Vintage Scene (logo has a pic of Eiffel Tower), PhotoCopier (stylizes photos like various famous artists would). Most of these apps work on the iPad which doubles the size of your palette.
There are also apps that turn your iPhone camera into pretty hip HDR cameras, they are:
Pro HDR, TrueHDR, Bracketmode (need to read directions on that one)
Fun “camera” apps (iPhone only, for now):
Cameras (logo is an old Daguerreotype or Brownie camera) This one is free and tells you the history of various cameras and allows you to take a photo in the style of that particular model. Way too cool!
Dan had us use a “capacitative” stylus pen for best artistic flexibility. They sell them at the Apple Store or the better ones are made by Acase or Boxwave (available online for about $10 – $15).
You can transfer your photos to your computer using the Photo Transfer app (www.phototransferapp.com for more info) or the incredible PhotoSync app (which includes transferring videos). PhotoSync (it’s spelled without a space) has made my life so much easier for $1.99.

Flowers For Sale and Spices (below) are examples iPhone photos modified with apps. The photos are each a composite of at least 16 images stitched together with Autostitch and then cropped.

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