24 Jul 2011

Iphone Artistry

24 Jul 2011

In January, 2011 I had the pleasure of attending Fotofusion at the Palm Beach Photographic Center in West Palm Beach. It was there that I attended a one hour seminar on iPhone artistry given by Dan Burkholder (www.danburkholder.com). Not long after the Fotofusion event I took a three day course given by Dan last February.

“The best camera you have is the one you have with you.” I can’t count how many pro photographers have quoted this to me…

Since the advent of the iPhone 4 I no longer feel it is necessary to carry around a camera to capture the images of events I’d like to remember. Yes, I still bring along a high quality camera when I specifically want to photograph an event, but, for spontaneous image capturing the iPhone 4 has a rather sophisticated built in camera. In addition there are extraordinary apps that facilitate manipulating an image almost as well as Photoshop and other similar photography software. The image below is an example of one of the pieces created with some of these apps.

More on the specifics next time…

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