22 Jul 2011

Welcome to Grownup Camp

22 Jul 2011

                                               ALWAYS CREATING…

Whether it’s music, photography, video projects, cooking, flower arranging, jewelry design, pottery or iPhone artistry – I create an object, a visual or a culinary delight each and every day.

I put my time in. First by working at a creative job in the real world and then my husband and I raised three kids. We’ve made it through the good times and the not so good ones.

The Plan:

Perhaps I will post the work and thoughts of others or simply submit my most recent creations. Via the web, I am taking advantage of the many tools within reach… embracing new technologies and continuously expanding my knowledge base. 

Today I’m learning to navigate tumblr! It’s a beginning…

Share my journey. Creating is learning. Learning is growing. Time to pick up where I left off.

Whether I am listening to a broadcast, podcast, or embracing something visual… I will document the moments that move me forward. Perhaps it will help you move forward as well.

                                          Art is life, life is Art.

                     Come along for the ride. Enter my world of creativity…

                                WELCOME TO MY GROWNUP CAMP!

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